Does he like you?

We all want to date people and want to know thw feeling of love and being love. But before all this what is important is liking someone. Every girl wants a guy to like them and then they start with something beautiful. But sometimes we dont know if he likes us. So if you wish to know does he like you or not then take this quiz to find out.

Does he like you? 

Everyone in this world wants to be loved and wants to be liked. We all want someone to like us and then take this one step forward. But before anything else we need to know if that person likes us. Girls also feel the same. Girls also wants to know if a guy likes them or not. Their actions can be confused sometimes so its not that easy to know. 

Get to know does he like you? 

If you wish to know does he like you or does not like you then take this quiz to find out as this quiz is very fun and you will get to know if your liked them. 


Yes, he likes you. 

Not now

He does not like you that way right now but who knows what happens in future.