How Californian Are You?

Do you love eating Burritos or have a lot of flip-flops with you? Oh, you are definitely and almost a Californian then. Take up this interesting quiz to confirm it!

Are You A True Californian?

Do you know the norms of the place and like the moderate weather? Attracted towards Showbiz? Um, you may be a true Californian then, though there also comes a but in that! 

How Californian Are You?

Take up this quiz, answer the questions and get the results of how much of a Californian you are!

You are a True Californian 

A true Californian! from eating Burritos on a daily basis to owning a lot of pairs of flip-flops, you enjoy cultures, food, and living the lifestyle of California. 

Oops, you are nowhere near being a Californian 

Uh-huh, you no almost noting about California, do you? You do not wear flip-flops or do you like Burritos? Ah, No. Find a place that suits you, cause you need a peaceful and subtle life! 

You are 50% Californian 

It is okay to be eating Mexican and enjoying the Coachella. But you still do not carry some basics of being a Californian but you may adapt then real soon!

You are 75% Californian 

You like wearing flip-flops, eating burritos, and enjoy the environment of California but it is not that easy for you to adjust according to the norms and settlement there, but you are on your way!