How Close are You To Your Parents?

Are you really close to your parents and can share anything with them? Or close to a single parent or maybe none of them. Take up this quiz to know it!

Am I the loved one in the family?

Are you the one who is loved by your parents amongst all the siblings the most? This will be determined by your connection and bond with them.

How Close are You To Your Parents?

Are you the one to share everything or keep everything a secret from your parents? The most loved or least loved one? Take up this quiz to get the best results. 

You're the most loved!

The spoilt baby of the house, cause you are really loved and close to your parents. Listening to them, obeying and prioritizing them at each step has made you always go even more close to them.

Uh-huh, there must be some other problem, cause you are not the most loved one!

You are not much of a listener. Your parents do not like that, but otherwise you both are close enough to have fun and called a happy family. You should listen to them, obey and share your things with them more often to get closer.