How Texan Are You?

How much of a Texan are you will be determined by your knowledge about the place. So are you ready to answer the test questions curated in a quiz to prove it?

You are a total Freakin' Texan

Ooh! you know a lot about the place you native! Your knowledge about Texas is on point and this is the place you were born to be!


Oops, you are not a Texan type!

Um, You are nowhere near to be called a Texan! You need to know a lot more about the place and people! You could go ahead if you go live there, maybe, cause you know how beautiful of a country it is!

You are close to being a Texan

Your choices really direct you towards Texas but if we come on saying that you really know about the place and are or used to live there, that is not the case. You must have heard about the country by natives and are attracted towards it!