What Kind Of Fairy are You?

What is the type of fairy that matches your personality? If you could be a pixie and close to humans or an Arctic fairy who likes to lay low? Find it out here.

What Type Of Fairy Are You?

have you ever wondered that if were a fairy, which kind you would have been? Cause it is everyone's dream to be one! 

What Kind Of Fairy are You?

Are you as scary as a Banshee or as tidy as a Brownie Fairy? Answer the questions to this quiz and get the best results. 


You like greenery and are more interested in knowing people, as you are an extrovert. You're cunning and loved by people around you, the most beautiful and cute fairy of all time! 


You are not that into family and friendship but oriented towards working for yourself. You are really hardworking and having other wonderful qualities like keeping all things around you tidy and nice.


Your instincts are really powerful. According to yourself, you have different personalities from being the most beautiful to be the ugliest to anyone around you. You lookout for people and mean no harm to them. 


You're like a banker of your own world, seeing and looking out for the accounts of the people around you. You try to remain to yourself, happy and satisfied cause company of other people is really less likely for you to like.